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FireFox Extension

The PhotoME server has detected that you are most likely using a browser other than FireFox. You need to use FireFox, SeaMonkey or Flock for Windows in order to install the FireFox context Menu Extension - other browsers are not able to process the installation file.

Mozilla wants to restrict their users in the decision, which Firefox extension they are using. For this reason, since Firefox version 43, it is only possible to install Firefox extensions that have been signed by Mozilla.
This would be a significant amount of additional work for me. That's why I've decided to stop further development of the Firefox extension.

The FireFox extension of PhotoME allow you to see the meta data of every image on a website.

This extension works using Mozilla FireFox itself, but also using the FireFox-based browsers Flock, Netscape 9 and SeaMonkey, and the email client ThunderBird.

Simply click on the following link to install the browser extension.

Install the PhotoME Extension

Remember you will need to install PhotoME, before you can use this extension.

If you have problems installing the extension, please read the How-To article "Activating the FireFox integration".

Sample image

After the installation has finished, you can see the meta data of the following image, simply by "right clicking" on it, then selecting "Show image in PhotoME...".

FireFox Extension - Sample image
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