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Opera Menu Extension

The PhotoME server has detected that you are most likely using a browser other than Opera. You need to use Opera 9.x for Windows in order to install the Opera context Menu Extension - other browsers are not able to process the installation file.

PhotoME now has an Opera menu extension so that you can display meta data for web images from your Opera browser.

This extension works with Opera 9 and above, and the current version of PhotoME.

Two points worth noting:
If you click on the PhotoME menu item while browsing with Opera, the web address of the image file will be written to the clipboard; note that this will overwrite any exisiting information in the clipboard.
Secondly, PhotoME must download the image again after it launches, because the file cannot be read from the browser cache.

Install Opera Menu Extension

Important note:
If you click on the context menu item and Opera shows "File not found.", please re-run the PhotoME online update. Even if there are no new PhotoME program updates, some system settings will be updated, which will address the problem in Opera.

Example image

To test if the installation was successful you can check the meta data using the following image. Right-click on the image and select "Open image in PhotoME...".

Opera Integration - Example image

Deinstallation of the Menu Extension

To remove the menu extension from the Opera context menu, perform the following steps:

In Opera: Tools-Menu -> Preferences... -> Advanced -> Toolbars -> Menu setup: Select "PhotoME Menu Extension" -> Delete -> OK
Many thanks to Gunnar and Alexs of Opera-Info.De for their help, creating the menu extension file.
A project by Jens Duttke.